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Frequently Asked Questions

Financial planning is the development of a plan for evaluating a client's current financial situation, identifying areas of need, and planning for future life events.It is a conducive method of creating wealth over a period of time. Suitable for investors in the Accumulation Phase of their life. Wealth management is a comprehensive approach that focuses specifically on higher net worth individuals including advice on investment management, estate planning, asset protection, and private banking. Suitable for investors who have accumulated wealth which needs to be sustained and managed.We look at wealth management as a bespoke customization of an individual's finances. It is an investment advisory service, that looks towards assimilating comprehensive data from the investor to provide holistic advice.
We are SEBI Registered Investment Advisers and AMFI Registered Brokers.
Cedrus Wealth Partners offers a wide range of services which include Wealth Management, Financial Planning, Equity Advisory, Tax Planning, Investment Planning, Estate Planning and Risk Management. Rather than just offering specific products, we provide a holistic customized solution-based experience to our clients considering their overall needs and requirements.
At present, there is no minimum ticket size to avail our services of advisory and execution.
We are one of the handful boutique firms in India which provide Advisory & Distribution Services. Our investment philosophy leads us to simplistic and holistic solutions, rather than exotic complicated products.
A. We are compensated by clients in the form of fees in the advisory business. In the distribution business, we receive commissions from AMCs.
We conduct comprehensive risk profiling through various questionnaires to gauge the client's current financial situation. Investment allocations would be recommended only after understanding the client's liquidity requirements, time horizons, existing liabilities, tax status, etc. Investments are selected after an exhaustive research including but not limited to parameters like volatility measures, risk measures, management's track record, etc. Out of the short-listed products, recommendations are made in line with each individual's requirement
Products are recommended based on investor needs. Recommendations are holistic and unbiased to any asset class
The frequency of reviews depends upon the intricacies of the investor's portfolio. Factors such as allocation in the current portfolio, and goals status are among the many factors considered. Typically, half-yearly reviews are advisable; however, portfolios are monitored by us in-house consistently. Investors also receive their portfolio every quarter, with our Quarterly Outlook on the market
Investor feedbacks and testimonials are taken by way of a Feedback form circulated to all investors on a yearly basis. We also have a helpline number on which you can escalate your queries.

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