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"The certainty that the only certainties in life are death and taxes has existed almost since immemorial time"

These certainties are a fundamental part of life and a person should not shy away from these tough issues simply because they are tough. Nobody likes to think that they will die eventually, but it is incumbent upon each and every person to plan for this event. The first and best way to plan for these certainties is by creating an estate plan.

An estate plan is a set of documents that help you plan for those certainties.

The phrase “estate plan” sounds like a complicated set of material that only very wealthy people need, but in fact it refers to the documents that almost everyone needs, whether their financial and familial affairs are simple or complex.

All of the documents that comprise an estate plan help people avoid problems that often arise upon death. Many of these are problems that people never think about during life, or which, feeling overwhelmed by the problems, push out of their minds. However, in the absence of an estate plan, these issues will be resolved by the courts and state law. Therefore, a properly-prepared estate plan will let each person decide for himself or herself the best choices for their own families, such as who should care for their minor children, who should receive their property, which charitable organizations should receive a share of their assets, and who should wind up one’s affairs.

This is the last and most important aspect of a Financial Plan. After the individual has earned, retained and grown wealth it becomes very important that the transfer of wealth is also as smooth and efficient as the former.

We assist our investors in this last process of passage of wealth to the next generation.