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medical icon 01Risk Management

Risk management is intended to provide financial security through the use of financial strategies, tools and services. These are used in the attempt to avoid large financial losses if and when they occur. A comprehensive risk management strategy will include the consideration of personal, property and liability risks.

How do we Manage Financial Risk

Risk management is an important part of the financial planning process. Without the proper risk management tools you and your way of life are exposed to potential large financial losses.
At Cedrus, we make sure your plans are devoid of maximum risk factors and to achieve that we:

  1. Discuss the types of risk: personal, property, liability
  2. Analyze the probability and impact of potential loss
  3. Determine the amount, duration and the risk to be insured
  4. Assess life insurance needs
  5. Assess living benefit insurance needs
  6. Assess health care insurance needs
  7. Assess property and casualty insurance needs
  8. Analyze and consider insurance product alternatives