Financial Health Check


Personal Information


Total Outstanding Loan Amount

1/8Before making any important financial decision, what do you usually consider?

2/8You try a new product and it turns out bad. You are informed that the previous lot was not good & the new stock is a lot better and has been tested. What are you more likely to do?

3/8How would you describe your knowledge of investments, markets, products?

4/8What is your primary objective while making an investment likely to be?

5/8If you had to choose between two jobs a) That has a huge fixed component and a small variable component b) A small fixed component and a huge variable component, which one are you most likely to choose?

6/8How easily do you usually move on if a financial decision went wrong?

7/8Insurance is a good way to protect against different risks like early death, health related expenses or disabilities. How much of insurance do you have?

8/8With investments usually, to earn some higher returns you will have to assume a higher level of risk and volatility in the value of investments. Given this knowledge what kind of investments are you likely to make?